It is not by chance that our Vodka has become synonymous with luxury. The quality of our ingredients, the passion in our craftsmanship and our distilling heritage guarantees the consumer's satisfaction is long lasting!


Latin for a unit of illumination, LUX was chosen with the aim to enlighten the consumer about our heritage rich provenance.


The brand’s authenticity is derived from the heritage of its terroir. A stone throw from The Copped Hall Mansion, our production site, LUX Copper House stand on the Copped Hall Estate, historically part of The Royal Forest, founded by King Harold in 1060, by the site of the shrine to the holy cross where he sought blessing before the battle of Hastings, the land then granted to King Harold's canons who grew the grains and brewed the water of life.


Later, the estates were taken by King Henry VIII as his hunting park, where the hunting lodge still stands today.



James - Founder.